Why do members get access to every training plan?

Over many years of training athletes, we have found that the most valuable part of training is learning from the expert in the subject matter. The whole point of Smart MTB Training is to give you access to the right way to train from all angles so that you can form your own strategies, and at the same time make it easier to access a coach for when you want to learn even more.


What benefits do I have as a Smart MTB Training Member?

Smart MTB Training Members get: every single training plan and workout, access to powerful app support and ability to sync with Strava, members-only videos and blogs, exclusive webinars and educational courses, and discounts on Consultations and Custom Training Plans.


What training plans do I have access to?

Members can access literally every training plan. The crux of Smart MTB Training is the 12 Week Full Fitness Plan, but there are currently over 20 more training plans and more to be added. The aim is to have more than 50 training plans available in the next 6 months.


Do I get access to the app if I only purchase a training plan?

Only Smart MTB Training Members get access to the app and ability to sync with Strava, but everyone can download .pdf of training plans or purchase via TrainingPeaks. 


How do I add a training plan to my calendar?

This feature is available to all Smart MTB Training Members. Check out this article here. If you use TrainingPeaks, we can add the plan to your account free of charge.


How do I use the Drag-and-Drop feature to tweak a plan or build my own training plan?

This feature is available to all Smart MTB Training Members. Check out the Workout Library and drag these in to your plan. Book a consultation if you want to get feedback from a coach.

How do I sync my Smart MTB Training Membership to Strava?

This feature is available to all Smart MTB Training Members. Check out this article.

Can I get a personalized training plan as a Smart MTB Training Member?

Yes! Members get access to a 25% discount on Custom Training Plans and Consultations. Check out the 'Member Upgrades' button in your app or on the computer.


I want to tweak my training plan to fit a race that the plan doesn’t call for. What should I do?

Racing is fun—that’s why we do it! It’s fine to add races in on weekends of training or recovery weeks within a training plan, but you need to ensure that you recover appropriately after the race. It is best to shorten the next two workouts and/or reduce the intensity over the days following the race so that you can continue training throughout the rest of the plan. It’s totally OK to add in an extra rest day so that you can recover quickly and get back to training consistently. If you want to discuss what’s right for you, click here to schedule some time with your coach.


The intensity of the workout is too difficult for me to be able to complete as described. What should I do?

This is totally OK and happens for even the best athletes. Try increasing your recovery interval (the time between hard efforts) by 25-50%, or reducing the intensity of the recovery interval. Going super easy between efforts is fine since the main goal of these sessions is usually to have time spent in the intensity zone (e.g. time in Zone 4). When it comes time to hit your intensity interval again and you can’t hit the intensity goal despite trying to recover better, you should consider the workout complete and begin your cooldown.


Is it OK to use the members-only Drag-and-Drop feature to add in harder workouts?

Most training plans build you up gradually over a period of weeks of months. As coaches, we aim to have you training consistently, and do this by prescribing workouts that won’t crush you or drive you in to the ground on a regular basis. Yes, going hard is important, but training consistently is importanter!

If you finish a few weeks of training and feel like you could have done more—then that’s great—you will be able to complete the next week of training with no issue! If you find that individual sessions are not working for you, check to make sure your zones are calculated appropriately. If you want to change a workout from something in Zone 3 to something in Zone 5, for example, it’s probably better to add in an extra rest day while also ensuring that your easy rides are easy enough. To have a coach check out a plan that you have tweaked on your own, click here to book it.


I want to add in a club or group ride within my training plan. How can I do this?

Group rides usually end up going pretty hard. Check your intensity—if you can workout in a group and not go too hard, then it is OK to ride with a group on an easy day. If you find yourself constantly going harder and harder in group rides, then it is probably better to swap this group ride for a hard session and continue as planned.


I want to add or swap a bike or run workout. Is this OK?

If you want to swap a workout, change and equivalent ride workout for an equivalent run. If you are not well adapter to running, it is best to stick with low-intensity until you are adapted.

Should I get a power meter or a smart trainer?

A power meter is a great choice because you can use it for workouts both indoors AND outdoors, and also use it for your races. If you can get only 1 power meter for only 1 bike, it is best to get this on your race bike so that you can analyse race performances and adjust your training appropriately.


I’m unable to ride while on vacation. Is there anything I can do to stay active?

Hiking is a great swap for a ride since you can enjoy the outdoors and use your muscles differently without a high impact (such as with running). You also need relatively little equipment! Hiking is great to do at any time you can’t ride such as when you can’t sit on the saddle or your bike is in for repair.


I’m injured and can’t ride. Can I train?

If the doctor approves, swap your ride for another activity that doesn’t aggravate your injury. The mode of activity you choose will depend or your injury; for example, you wouldn’t change a run for a hike if you have shin splints, but a bike ride would probably be fine! To discuss your personal situation and how to get back in to training, check out this training plan or have a coach look at your training here.


I wonder if I over-do it in my training. What should I do?

Over-expending your energy or being stressed frequently will lead to overtraining. If you have a physical job or find yourself tired frequently, drop out all active recovery sessions immediately and recover passively by not exercising. If you find yourself tired on a workout day, it is best to rest instead of pushing through.


I missed 1 or more weeks of my training plan. Should I restart the plan or pick up where I left off?

If you missed 2 weeks or less, continue with training as planned. If you missed more than 2 weeks and it does not affect the timing of your goal event, start the plan up again where you had left off by using the members-only Drag feature or reapply the training plan to a new end date.


Is it possible to swap my longest days of training due to work or other timing?

It’s usually easier to fit the longest training days on days off from work. With most plans, the longest days usually fall on the weekends with all training plans starting on a Monday. If your best chance to get long workouts in falls on a different day, just change the start date of your plan appropriately. It is usually fine to swap the workouts between days on Saturdays and Sundays for any and every weekend if it works better.

What happens with my subscription to the Smart MTB Training Membership?

At the end of the month or year, your membership will automatically renew and you will not lose any of your data. You can cancel at any time.

How do I cancel my membership to Smart MTB Training?

You can cancel your membership at any time. See here for instructions.